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About Burkart Automotive



"The mission of the team at Burkart Automotive is simple - to be the best choice in the industry for your high-quality speed and performance needs. Whether it's a simple part or a high-performance custom engine,or your next pre-owned vehicle, we want your experience to be just right. Our service, our integrity and our lineup of high quality products are the top priorities here at Burkart Automotive, and our goal is to bring you into our family when you buy from us."











Q: I have bad credit, can I get approved for a car loan? 

A:  YES! We have 100% guaranteed approval!


Q: I have good credit. Can I still get a competitive Rate and Terms?

A: YES! We work with multiple Financial Lenders to get the very best rate possible.


Q: Will the financing you have help me build my credit?

A: YES! Each time you make a timely payment!!


Q: Do you take trade-ins?  Even if it Doesn't Run?

A: YES! Absolutely! Every vehicle has value and we will  give the most possible for it!


Q: I just had a Bankruptcy Discharged. Can I get a car loan?

A: YES! We work closely with many banks that understand your needs and work to get you the best terms possible.


Q: I am having trouble finding the car I want. Can you help me with my search?

A: YES! We purchase vehicles often and will locate a vehicle that more specifically meets your wants and needs!


Q: I just went through a divorce and my Ex hurt my credit. Am I able to get financing?

A: YES! We understand that bad things happen to good people. You're Approved!


Q: I don't have a lot of money to put down. Can I still buy a vehicle?

A: YES! You don't necessarily need a lot of money. We can sit with you to discuss all of your options.


Q: I have my own bank I'd like to finance through. Do you allow that?

A: YES! We will even help do the leg work with your Bank to help you through the process.


Q: I want to pay cash, but don't have a large budget. Do you have cars that I can buy for a reasonable cash price?

A: YES! We cater to virtually every budget!



 Apply online at:  www.burkartautosales.com and stop in today for a test drive or even just for us to answer whatever additional questions you may have. Our friendly staff will help you throughout the purchase process and after!!

We look forward to meeting you!